Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Introduction Blog EH 201- Elizabeth Prince

Hello, fellow bloggers of my American Literature Class, my name is Elizabeth Prince.  I attend Jacksonville State University and I will be majoring in biology.  I have a strong passion for poetry and writing which is why I have enlisted in this course.  I am a part of the Delta Zeta sorority, and it plays a very large role in my life.  I am the only child and I am from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  However, I am a huge Auburn fan which is not always the best thing when I live in such a rival city.  I enjoy jet skiing as a past time activity, creating beautiful works of art, singing, shopping, and white water rafting.  I am a person that enjoys nature, yet I am very girly at the same time. 

If I absolutely had to pick my favorite artist it would be between Lady Gaga and Adele.  I love both vocal styles, and both live performances of each.  If I ever get famous for music than I could only hope to be as great as both of them combined.  I love all types of music: blues, R&B, rap, hip & hop, metal (as well as any type of rock) and country.  I do not discriminate between any genres, for all of the artists in each are very passionate about what they do.

I am a very colorful and artsy person.  A perfect day to me would be going to an art museum.  Crafting is one of the only things that keep me sane after a hard day.  My favorite medium is pastels, because I love working with bright colors.  I believe decorating each object or room can really have a positive effect on your mood, as well as others’ moods.  I also love using black charcoal on white paper to create contrasting images. 

I believe that by the end of each person’s lifetime, the world should be changed in some way.  Someone could change the world in music, art, community service, or develop the cure for cancer.  Each person can do his or her part.  Helping others and giving back to the community is something I strive for.  Selfishness will only get you so far in life, and will leave you with nothing to be remembered by.   I believe in living every day like it’s your last and pushing for goals no one thinks you can reach.  Without big dreamers, many things in our culture would fail to be in existence.

In conclusion, I look forward to this class and working with all of you.  If you took the time to read all this, I commend you.  I really hope to learn as much from this class as I can, and hope it will enlighten me for future use in my daily life.

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